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Neil Macrae and BC Radio History.

06/07/38 · One of the most acerbic broadcasters in B.C. history has passed away from cancer at the age of 65. Neil Macrae courted controversy throughout his lengthy career on CKNW Radio and Rock 101. 07/07/38 · Neil Macrae, the controversial and cranky voice of sports for 40 years on Vancouver radio, most of it with CKNW and Rock 101, has died of cancer at the age of 65.CKNW reports that Macrae died. Macrae is the one on CKNW with a voice that booms like a snare drum in the mornings, at noon, and at Canuck home games. It has a pitch that makes even the most trivial sporting statistic sound like a declaration of war. He leans towards long, noisy tirades illuminated by brilliant flashes of silence.

14/07/38 · Neil MACRAE Obituary: Rdio Vet CKNW. September 13, 1951 – March 30, 2017. Icon, trailblazer, rebel, one of a kind, entertainer: these are just a few of the words that have been used to describe Neil Macrae, who passed away on March 30, 2017 at his home in Palm Springs. The UFC will not hold its show scheduled for Saturday, which was initially slated to be held in a full arena in London. The UFC also won’t hold shows scheduled for March 28 and April 11. Former CKNW sportscaster Neil Macrae has died of cancer at the age of 65. He passed away last Thursday at this home in Palm Springs. We've pulled together some of. 20/07/38 · Sad news to pass along, as legendary Vancouver sports broadcaster Neil Macrae has died from cancer at the age of 65. Sad news to pass along from @CKNW: Former sports broadcaster Neil Macrae died last week at the age of 65 from cancer. — Matt Lee @mattlee980 April 3, 2017 CKNW reports that Macrae passed away last Thursday at this home in Palm Springs.

View latest articles, news and information about what happened to Neil Macrae, Canadian radio personality CKNW, that died on Tuesday April 4th 2017at age 65. 06/07/38 · “Sad news to pass along from @CKNW: Former sports broadcaster Neil Macrae died last week at the age of 65 from cancer.”. 05/03/39 · The widow of well-known local sportscaster Neil Macrae is opening up about her late husband's battle with breast cancer, a disease that is rarely associated with men. 07/07/38 · Veteran sportscaster Neil Macrae, known for a Vancouver broadcasting career that spanned decades, has died. The radio personality worked at CKNW for.

22/07/38 · Former CKNW morning show host Brian Forst, better known as Frosty, says Macrae was one of a kind. “You or I could throw a sentence out there, and then Neil could do it in his little snarly way of being able to do that Neil thing would bring the sentence. CKNW update. Jul 17th, 2014 by admin. My old radio station, CKNW is in a lot of trouble. Its ratings have fallen to the point where they are ridiculous. They are losing their online people, which is natural as time goes by, without any obvious replacements. There was a time when NW always had a farm team, as often as not employed by other radio. 02/07/41 · نبيل العوضي. The ultimate place to get together before the show. The Neil Macrae Bar & Lounge is our very own licensed facility where we offer a wide selection of beverages – both non-alcoholic and alcoholic including craft beer options. 04/06/34 · From the 1998-1999 season. Brian Burke has numerous run-ins with the media and how they rebroadcast clips. Here he takes issue with Neil MacRae, of CKNW.

Neil Macrae Canadian radio personality CKNW dead at.

Former CKNW sportscaster Neil Macrae has. - News.

Macrae joined CKNW in 1983 as sportscaster on the Frosty Forst morning show. He remained at CKNW until 2012 then moved over to CFMI-FM. His sports commentary on that station was cancelled in 2013. Rafe Mair 85 passed away October 9. He was best known for his time as a talk show host at CKNW but started out in radio at the old CJOR-AM. 15/12/40 · As CKNW marked a milestone with its 75th anniversary Thursday, some of the station’s most iconic voices joined a live broadcast at New Westminster’s Anvil Centre to share stories of their time on the air. Among the best-known names to grace the airwaves for the station is George Garrett, known to many as “the intrepid []. He said a joke he made to Macrae during last Wednesday's Vancouver-Boston game was misinterpreted as a physical threat and that Macrae subsequently contacted police. "It was no threat at all," Davidson said. "The man's 30 years younger than me, for Pete's sake." BC Radio History. 06/07/38 · Former CKNW Radio sportscaster Neil Macrae dies Straight - 13:48 PM ET April 03, 2017 He was one of the most acerbic broadcasters in B.C. history.

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